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The creation of an expert master blender -
Black Rory recalls the bygone days of illicit stills
and daring smugglers of the rugged Coquet Valley in Northumberland.

This unique blend is produced exclusively in Scotland for Coquet Whisky and recaptures the authentic taste of this historic Borders region.

The high malt content provides a rich amber glow and ultra smooth texture which, along with subtle undertones of peat, makes this an exceptional whisky for the connoisseur.

Black Rory blended whisky was created through the inspiration and dreamy thoughts of days gone by.

The romance and history was to be encapsulated in a beautifully smooth and golden whisky. A master blender, with a fabulous history himself, was chosen to create Black Rory. John McDougall was brought down to the Coquet Valley, to look at the terrain, and to feel the magic that surrounds our valley and high hills.

He saw the peat that was used, and the tumbling Coquet River that winds its way down the valley. Nature itself drives the mind wild with inspiration, and evokes the thoughts of yesteryear. John understood what was required, and so embarked upon his task of sourcing fine Scotch whiskies, and creating a special and unique blend.

Black Rory was created exclusively by John for Coquet Whisky, so now "Black Rory" is back.