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The DuergarThe Duergar

Price: £86
Shipping: £6 ABV: 50%
Bottle: 70cl

The Duergar is a single cask, 20 year single malt whisky from the Speyside region. The whisky is non chill-filtered, therefore containing all the original congeners. There are only a hundred bottles of this amazing whisky available, as the rest went to the 'angels share'.

Chill Filtration the removal ,by chilling of whisky of congeners (related to smell & taste). This is a purely cosmetic precaution used to prevent hazing when the bottled whisky is stored at cold temperatures. The greater the spirit is chilled during filtration, the greater the number of congeners will be removed.
This means that it will affect the taste in a negative way. Non- chill filtered whisky will be more complex and more flavoursome.